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Protective Flooring Ecoteck Event

Protective Flooring Ecoteck Event
Item numberSize of lock, mmFor one square meterMaximal LoadColor ProductWeight Grid,kg
АС187 306 х 102 х 18,2 32,039 of the module up to 39 t/sq.m green, black,blue,red,brown     0,11

Multi-purpose plastic surface for all-year use in the form of modular cover on any surface in any configuration.

 It is used after slight surface treatment on natural or artificial grass, asphalt, concrete, ice, snow, running tracks and other surfaces.

Structural features:

1. Special cavities retain moisture.

2. Drainage holes enable irrigation, ventilation and permit sun lights therethrough, which is necessary for grass growth.

3. Inner module part is purposely designed for sensitive surface: weight is distributed on several reinforcement ribs, and absence of sharp edges and stubs eliminate the risk of grass or other cover damage.

4. Assembled modules are rolled up, which is of highly importance during mounting/dismounting, storage, transportation (module rotation up to 90 degrees)

5. There is no need to use additional tools.

6. Absence of channels, in which dirt or trash can enter.

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