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Plastic Versatile flooring

Plastic Versatile flooring
Item numberSize of lock, mmFor one square meterMaximal LoadColor ProductWeight Grid,kg
АС410 304,9 х 304,9 х 16 10,76 of the module up to 73 t/sq.m green, brown, blue, light blue, gray, white     0,296

Plastic versatile flooring Ecoteck – is a slip-resistant drainage plastic portable modules perfect for:

  • wet areas (pools and hot tubs)
  • sports game
  • patios and outdoor lounge spaces
  • locker room and shower rooms
  • terraces
  • playgrounds

Easy installation, dismantle and store allow to reuse modular protective flooring without additional costs.

Install the versatile flooring on a clean, flat surface and the platform for any purpose is ready.

The interlocking flooring Ecoteck provided a solid seamless surface, which you can install independently without special tools.

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