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Flooring Rentals

Rentals Flooring. Modular Sport and Protective Flooring

TM Ecoteck has been successful engaged in high quality flooring solution over 10 years. Our scope of application is varied and includes smaller project for backyard, poolside, patio and parking as well as larger projects such as a sport arena concert venues and ice links.    

The flooring options we offer are cost-effect, durable, designed for long-term use and resists temperature changes and weather damage.


Floor rentals advantage


Flooring rental can be 10 times more cost-effective that the full-price purchase. Moreover, renting allows you to save money on off-season storage of unused materials.


We offer fast and efficient delivery (as early as 2 days) from the commencement of the purchasing agreement).Floor rentals offer a quick protection of the base surface, so you can start using the area  as soon as it is  set up, this saving you considerable time that would be spent on planning executing a permanent project.


Our specialist will ensure quick installation/ removal of the required flooring option guarantees you a reduced preparation time for the event.

Floor rentals are thus a cost-efficient solution that allow the costumer to save both time and resources in preparation for any event.

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