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Point Drainage

Point drainage  is created for the collection and disposal of sediments and wastewater on a specific area. It is a system that consists of several elements.

These systems are installed in the places where the presence of rainwater and wastewater in general is undesirable. It is about the space under the roofs of houses, on the ground near the entrance doors, garage doors, and so on.

These elements of the system must be integrated into a single system of sewage water disposal and other effluents. Consequently, the rainwater basin water drainage should be also indicated in the project documentation.

The products of Ecoteck trademark are high-quality domestic products supplying reliable elements for the local drainage systems. Stormwater basins and grates for them allow to remove water accumulations effectively and avoid the foundation destruction.

The advantage of plastic rainwater basin drains

The main function of the whole system is performed by the rainwater basin drains. The accumulated water gets right into them and then flows into the storm drainage system and leaves the site territory.

Modern rainwater basins are plastic. The pros are evident:

  • plastic is not exposed to rust, deformation or impact of low aggressive media;
  • it is convenient because it does not require special treatment;
  • plastic is the most durable material among the publicly available ones. It can serve for decades and does not require replacement;
  • it is easy to install, as it’s placed in a groove, which does not require additional reinforcement and concrete casting.

EcoteckТМ product peculiarities

The trademark products are fully in line with the above requirements, but they also have some characteristics. Thus, the rainwater basin drains are equipped with connections with plastic channels. Thanks to this, integration of the basin drains into the assembly of water collection and drainage will not require much time and considerable efforts. This will require just to cut a slot for connection.

Besides, the products of this trademark can be equipped with a special buildup that allows to place them on a different level.

Grates for rainwater basin drains - description

Grates have different strength properties and can withstand various loads.

In the absence of severe loads, grate for decorative purposes will suit perfectly. It is able to withstand pressures of up to one and a half tons per square meter.

If the assumed loads are significant, it is necessary to purchase reinforced grates. They will stand up to 12.5 tons per square meter.

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