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Plastic grass grid, eco-friendly parking

Ecoteck Parking
Ecoteck Parking Plastic lawn Grid
 Ecoteck Parking (green)
Ecoteck Parking (green) Plastic lawn Grid
Ecoteck Parking (black)
Ecoteck Parking (black) Plastic lawn Grid

Typically, a perfect grass can be seen only in the American movies, while everything is not so rosy in real life. Every now and then, children play on the grass, dogs run around, and sometimes cars are parked there. Therefore, the grass deteriorates, and there appear small holes in the ground. But still, everyone can have a perfect grass, and the grid grass will help in that, as it protects the grass cover against damage.

Plastic grass grid – purchase at Ecoteck

The grass lattices strengthen the soil and let the grass remain intact, even if a car is parked on the grid and children often play on it. The abandoned and absolutely untended grass will still look good. That is why every person having a proper grass should buy a plastic grass grid. All the Ecoteck lattices are environmentally friendly, they provide the soil drainage, retain its microclimate and pass water into the soil freely. The system of locks is strong, it distributes the load onto the modules evenly and the cellular structure protects the grass from the appearance of the pits, potholes and trodden paths.

Peculiarities of grass lattices

The grass lattices are made of hard plastic, which is not afraid of any temperature changes or high humidity. It is environmentally safe and does not harm young plants, but only helps them grow. Grass lattices aren’t destroyed due to the impact of frost and direct sunlight. So if you buy ecologically friendly packaging, it will function normally for more than twenty years. And it will not need any maintenance for all this time. We can say that grass lattices are perfect for busy people who do not want to worry about their site constantly.

Grass grid can be used for creating:

  • eco-friendly parking;
  • sports ground;
  • сhildren's playground;
  • golf course.

Eco-friendly parking (grass grid for parking) is the best way to save the site

Eco-friendly parking has recently became popular, as the governments of large cities around the world have begun to use them to fight the problem of the lack of free spaces for cars. Nowadays, vehicles can be placed directly onto the grass and it will not harm the grass cover. Buying the grass grid for parking, you will feel confident that the car will not harm to the grass.

Eco-friendly parking is absolutely safe for lawns and people. On the contrary, it helps maintain health, as harmful fumes and car dust  are absorbed by the grass that makes the air cleaner and healthier. Eco-friendly parking is durable enough, and it can withstand even the weight of several trucks. Therefore, the grass grid is destined not only to preserve the site appearance. It also helps solve the problems with the lack of parking spaces and environmental pollution.

Enterprise "Legpromrazvitie CJSC" under the trademark  Ecoteck  produces the following types of grass lattices:

Ecoteck Green Grid can be used for pedestrian and park walkways, waysides and sidewalks, for arranging public events;

Ecoteck Parking-M Grid can be used as the grass grid for parking, it can also be bought for the places of exhibitions, campings;

Ecoteck Parking Grid is used in the same way as Ecoteck Parking-M.

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