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Ecoteck Ice Cover. Modular Plastic Protective Ice Cover

Ecoteck Ice Cover. Modular Plastic Protective Ice Cover
Item numberSize of lock, mmFor one square meterMaximal LoadColor ProductWeight Grid,kg
АС01113000 617,5 х 154,9 х 23,3 10,455 of the module up to 160 t/sq.m green     0,685

"Ecoteck Ice Cover" is a modular plastic protective flooring designed for preservation of the ice rinks during different mass events. Tile material is shock-proof, tensile polypropylene, consisting of homogenous nonporous structure (without air holes). Therefore, this Ice Cover does not absorb water and freeze down to ice, it does not become laminated or deformed.
With the use of protective flooring consisting of Ecoteck Ice Cover modules it is possible to refit the rink of size 61 m х 26 m into the place for team sports without involvement of professional specialists and with ease within one hour by efforts of five workers of the team. Module construction excludes the possibility of condensate formation. Reinforced honeycombed construction guards against displacement and makes it more stable. Protective flooring Ecoteck Ice Cover makes it possible to withstand load up to 160 tons per 1 square meter. The presence of air hole between the cover and ice enables proper rink (ice) temperature maintenance, which prevents from ice melting. If you require temporary even and clean surface and in addition you need to save the foundation from wear, your right choice will be ice cover Ecoteck Ice Cover, one of the most tensile, practical and reliable ones.

Ice protective flooring– application scenario

  • Ice protection during mass events (festivals, exhibitions, concerts) with no need of ice cover melting
  • Protection of sports surface from wear

"Ecoteck Ice Cover"

Ice Flooring modules is easy to assemble. Some special professional skills and tools are not required during the process of its layering. By means of latches modules can be assembled in rollers, further with the help of side eyelets rollers can be fixed to each other. Ice sports rink can be covered within one hour, and football field – within six hours. The unique cover tile construction and reliable locking system provides opportunity for service machines movement. Such cover is offered for its application in household and commercial purposes. Ecoteck Ice flooring does not demand any special climate conditions, it can be installed both outdoors and indoors.

Maintenance: It can be swabbed down, brushed, washed with water (under the head). Resistant to standard detergents.

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