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Heavy duty plastic channels. Ecoteck HEAVY Е-600 200 Series in assembly

Plastic Channel HEAVY E-600 200 h 210 assembled
Item numberLoad classOverall dimension
Length, mmWidth, mmHeight, mmWeight, kg
DI0 06605000 А-Е 1012 257 233,5  

The plastic channel drainage HEAVY 100 and HEAVY 200 are supplied with slotted grates made of high-duty cast iron and steel boards with special hooks.

Classification of plastic channels HEAVY 100 and HEAVY 200

On the basis of the rated loads of the HEAVY design models, the cast-iron grates are divided into two classes: D and E.

Cast-iron grates of strength grate D are used in the areas with heavy road traffic (parking zones or inland territories of enterprises). Its amount of load totals up to 40t per 1 sq. m.

Cast-iron grates of strength grate Е are installed in the areas with heavy road traffic or periodic, but heavy loads. Its amount of load totals up to 60t per 1 sq. m.

Such constructions are installed:

  • on the territories of entities engaged in car maintainance and washing;
  • in parking zones for trucks and cars;
  • at the lateral access tracks of highways with active road traffic;
  • on the territories of car and cargo control terminals;
  • on the territories of entities engaged in automobile transportation;
  • on the territories of industrial zones and fuel stations;
  • in the areas where logistics complexes are situated.

Advantages of plastic channels

Plastic channels type HEAVY 100 that refer to class Е-600 in terms of load can be mounted in industrial zones of high activity. These channels are resistant to high and low temperatures. They are also resistant to various chemicals. Thanks to this, the channels are widely used in various projects. In order to increase the channel’s resistance to high loads, the assembly includes specials boards destined for hooking. They are attached to the channel’s edges. The plastic channels are connected with cast-iron grates using a screw joint. Such cast-iron grids are quite durable and efficient in terms of precipitation drainage.

Plastic channels type HEAVY 200 are suppled together with the boards equipped with special hooks and cast-iron grates. The channels are designed for the working width of 200mm, they are ideal for the areas of industrial organizations that require the drainage of a large amount of precipitation. Thanks to the rated and designed specifications and size, rib strengtheners, the channels of this series are capable of operating with high loads. On the sides and at the bottom of the channels, special holes are provided for mounting joints with the local sewerage system.

The system draining the flow of precipitation on the surface corresponds to the modern level of technical regulations and undergoes thorough quality control during the production process. Producing the surface water drainage, we guarantee the quality!
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