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Dry Wells Bottom, soakwell lids, bottom-caps

Dry Wells Bottom 425
Item NumberColorDimensions
diametr, mmHeight, mmWeight, kg
DI 00405000 black 469,5 140,5 1,97
Dry Wells Bottom 315
Item NumberColorГабаритные размеры
Диаметр, ммВысота, ммВес, кг
DI00305 black 345 94 0,7

Such product as drywell cover makes it possible to build drywell in the shortest term.

Bottom-cap – description and characteristics

It is manufactured from resistant plastics and marked by:

  • Resistance to low-temperatures exposures. Plastics structure remains firm and does not break down even in deep freeze;
  • Unaffected by mildly aggressive medium. Interactions with different liquids do not damage the products, it maintains its functional qualities;
  • Universal diameter allows for products use in drywell of almost all types;
  • It is produced from sound materials. Due to this fact a bottom-cap is able to endure significant shock and other impacts;
  • Plastic, in general, is a long-lasting material, and a special composition used for these products manufacture enables its long service life up to several decades, without sacrificing its useful qualities.

The article is fitted with two convenient handles and has a light weigh, which facilitates to its easy installation and removal. Please, be remind that you can buy with us surface water drain lines.

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