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    Water drainage systems
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    Reliable systems of surface drainage
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    Plastic Versatile flooring
    Versatile non slip flooring
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    Drain Water Trap Hopper Ecoteck
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    Minsk "Dinamo" Stadium
    Dismounting of Sport flooring Ecoteck

High-quality water drain systems, lawn grates, sport surfacing

ТМ Ecoteck is high-quality components for surface water drain systems and solutions for land improvements and protection from one of the largest plastic articles’ producer in Belarus. Company’s specialists perform a complete cycle of goods designing and manufacture, from the concept creation to its practical embodiment.

Ecoteck surface water drain systems

It is intended for storm and melt water collection. Without good water drain system, road pavements suffer from washing-out, and for underground basements there is a risk of flooding. Furthermore due to surface waters the foundation under building constructions very often starts to be ruined, which can lead to life and health threatening situations. These problems can be avoided with the help of surface water drain lines. It helps to collect storm and melt water, which ensures the absence of puddles and nearby dirt.

There are different types and modifications of water drain systems, they are mainly classified according to load limit class. ТМ Ecoteck produces a wide range of water drain lines of different load classes from A, with load limit no more than 1.5 tons per 1 square meter up to E class, designed for intense load till 60 tons per 1 square meter. There are a great many of package options for ТМ Ecoteck surface drain water systems with different plastic, steel, cast iron grates, different sized gutters, plugs, adapters and fasteners. The gutters are equipped with special-purposed gaps for connection with other gutters, they also have formed holes for pipe connection of various diameters.

ТМ Ecoteck produces also plastic sand traps and such components of pinpoint drain pipes as rainwater basins and entrance trays. All ТМ Ecoteck water drain systems conform to the modern technical level and pass through regular control at all production stages. 

Ecoteck lawn grates

With Ecoteck lawn grate you are offered an excellent opportunity to keep you grass lawn green and beautiful. Water can freely permeate through lawn grates directly in the soil, and honeycomb grate structure helps the root system of the grass to be kept save from mechanical exposures and it ensures prevention from formation of pits, potholes, and beaten paths. The system of latches located along the grate edges ensures a strong modules connection with each other and provides for load efficient distribution between adjacent modules.

All ТМ Ecoteck lawn types are marked by its resistance to weather impact, easy handling and assembly and high resistance to mechanical; loads. Therewith to achieve a better result, you can select the most suitable type from the ТМ Ecoteck lawn grates range for different fields of application: for pedestrian and park paths, for car parking and camp sites, or for horse-riding fields and places of cargo-carrier traffic. 

Ecoteck sport surfacing

Surfacing is designed for equipping of sports ground with different functionality, also for protection of natural lawns or ice surfaces of sport rinks.

So, under Ecoteck trade mark we offer multi-purpose sports surfacing which makes it possible to do a lot of professional sports activities, including volleyball, futsal, basketball, handball, court tennis, badminton, fitness, aerobics. Moreover, we produce a surface intended for protection of lawns from natural grass with the load more than 160 tons per 1 square meter, and such modular plastic surface is a perfect solution to save sports fields during mass events. TM Ecoteck could also offer a solution for ice rink protection, which is essential for the cases when it is necessary to create a temporary leveled and clean surface, but therewith insure ice against damage. Ice protective surface makes it possible to sustain load up to 160 tons per 1 square meter as well. The presence of air hole located between the surface and ice ensures proper temperature maintenance, which prevents ice from melting.

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