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Systems of surface and external drainage, drainage systems

Standart DN 300, C250
Standart DN 300, C250 Channel Drainage
Plastic Sand Traps Channel Drainage
Plastic stormwater grates
Stormwater Grates Channel Drainage
Component Parts of Channel Drainage Systems
Component Parts Channel Drainage

Modern water drainage systems are used for the collection and drainage of stormwater, water after flooding, melting snow from certain areas outside it or into organized sewers. If an adequate drainage isn’t ensured, then excess water on such sites can wash away and destroy the foundation, disfeature the landscape, be the cause of mold and dampness in the house.

To install the linear drainage, trenches are dug with walls made of concrete or the construction of a polymeric plastic. Decorative grates are superimposed over the channels, and the system of linear drainage is complemented by other elements (rainwater basins, sand traps, fasteners and end caps).

Surface drainage systems: plastic drainage

Ordinary concrete drainages are being replaced with polymer surface drainage systems. Polymer material is the newest kind of high-duty plastic, which is used for industrial purposes. The substance is environmentally friendly, does not emit harmful impurities, is subject to processing into recycled raw material. The polymer structures have a large set of advantages:

  1. 100% water resistance;
  2. Low weight;
  3. The presence of a flat surface, thanks to which the system cleans itself by water flow;
  4. Shock and pressure resistance;
  5. Protected from exposure of physical and chemical factors;
  6. Do not crack in the cold, do not break down in the heat;
  7. The material is easy to cut, which facilitates the mounting process;
  8. Affordable price.
  9. Operation for over 50 years!!

Why plastic drains are better:


Polymer concrete


Convenient design solutions for reliable connections between them, to connect sewage pipes

Light weight, which is convenient for transportation

It is easy to shape it by slight cutting at a right angle, they are easy to shorten with carpentry tools

One hundred percent water resistance

Environmentally friendly and safe

Easily recycled as a secondary raw material

Perfectly smooth surface creates the ability of channels’ self-cleaning

Elasticity and shock resistance

Reliable and easy coupling of channels, without the need to use sealants (under normal conditions)

Fairly simple installation, the most favorable price and quality.

Lack of coupling solutions, precision blanks for pipe connections

The channel is heavy, fragile and difficult to transport

To implement the adjustment, it is necessary to have special tools and equipment

Moisture absorption around 3%

Environmental impact of resins and their derivatives, which are used in the production process, as well as are emitted during the operation

Uneasy recycling

Surface smoothness is inferior than the plastic ones, but it is better than that of the concrete ones

There is no elasticity and shock resistance, very fragile

Reliable and easy coupling of channels, but a sealant is required for coupling

More complicated installation, the price figure exceeds the quality one. 

Lack of coupling solutions, precision blanks for pipe connections

Very heavy, there are difficulties in transportation, fragile

It is necessary to have special tools and equipment for cutting and adjustment

Moisture absorption around 5-7%

Environmental damage

Recycling is possible

Surface smoothness is inferior than plastics or polymer concrete, deposition of sand particles, sedimentation of the channels is possible 

Very fragile, no impact resistance

Difficulties in coupling, adjustment of channels; sealants and solutions are required during mounting

Fair price-quality ratio

High service life.


Ecoteck drainage systems

Polymer drainage system can be bought in assembly or as individual items.

A complete set of components of Ecoteck surface drainage systems includes:

1. Plastic channels of different sizes and shapes; 2. Stormwater grates of polymer plastic, cast iron or galvanized ones; 3. Fastening elements and compounds, caps, plugs, adapters; 4. Rainwater basins with the function of protection against ingress of dust and soil, sand traps.

The systems are divided into classes of loads borne by the construction. Therefore, a drainage complex should be chosen for a specific territory and its purpose.

The grates of Ecoteck drainage channels are made of plastic, high-duty cast iron with nodular graphite (CI-50) and galvanized steel, and are designed for load classes A15 - E600 according to DIN EN 1433.

Drainage systems of European quality

Each product is quality tested and certified in accordance with the established norms. The range includes drainage channels, sand traps, grates of polymer, additional components and a whole plastic water drainage system, which you can buy at Ecoteck.

We work with partners in different countries. You can visit one of our offices or contact our consultant by the phone.

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