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Drainage channels with grates. Ecoteck HEAVY Е-600 100 Series in assembly

Set Ecoteck HEAVY:draindge channel 100.175 h175 -plastic,cast iron grating,cl.E-600
Item numberLoad classOverall dimension
Length, mmWidth, mmHeight, mmWeight, kg
DI 09505000 А-E 1010 157 198.5 12,5

Set Ecoteck HEAVY:draindge channel 100.125 h125 -plastic,cast iron slotted grating,cl.E-600
Item numberLoad classOverall dimension
Length, mmWidth, mmHeight, mmWeight, kg
DI 09405000 А-E 1010 157 148,5 11,5
Set Ecoteck HEAVY:drainage channel 100.65 h 65 -plastic,cast iron slotted grating,cl.E-600
Item numberLoad classOverall dimension
Length, mmWidth, mmHeight, mmWeight, kg
DI 09205000 А-E 1010 157 88.5 11

Drainage channels with grates, which can be bought from us, help collect groundwater and wastewater. Those houses, around which these channels are located, are protected against dirt and puddles that now and then appear after the rains and snow falls. So now the drainage channels are installed almost everywhere. In progressive cities, it is impossible to find a single street without them. Therefore a lot of people already know about ordinary drainage channels. But few know that there are also models of channels with grids, which have many advantages as well.

Why we need water drainage channels with grates

The drainage channels with grates are ideal for the areas with increased road traffic. They are installed both in the parking, and on public roads. With these channels, one shouldn’t worry about puddles appearing after the rain and the consequent complications in the vehicle control. The channels can withstand heavy loads, so they can be installed even in industrial areas.

Where water drainage channels with grates can be installed:

  • car repair or car wash services;
  • along roadsides;
  • parking of both cars and trucks;
  • industrial complexes;
  • storage enterprises.

Plastic channels HEAVY

They come with high-duty cast-iron slotted grates and steel boards with hooks.


Depending on the design load, HEAVY system cast-iron grates are divided into two classes:

Class D is used in the areas with heavy road traffic (different parking zones or inland territories of enterprises). Amount of load totals up to 40t per 1 sq. m.

Class Е is used in the areas with heavy road traffic or periodic, but heavy loads. Amount of load totals up to 60t per 1 sq. m.

Plastic channels HEAVY 100 Series with load class Е-600

They will withstand the impact of both low and high temperatures, and they are also resistant to chemicals. The channel stability for high performance is enhanced at the cost of special steel boards with hooks, which are set on the edge of the channel. Cast-iron grates are attached to the plastic channels with screws.

Water drain channels HEAVY 200 Series

The assembly also includes boards with hooks and cast-iron grates. The channels HEAVY 200 (where 200 means a working channel width) can be used in the industrial areas requiring the drainage of a large flow of precipitation. The channel is rather deep and wide, and there are special rib stiffeners - plastic channels of this type can withstand high loads. At the bottom and the sides of the plastic channel, openings are provided for connecting the channels with the local sewage pipes.

Advantages of drainage channels with grates

There are several reasons why drainage channels with grates worth buying. They have excellent parameters when compared to conventional channels. Therefore, it is necessary to install them in the areas with heavy road traffic. Durability is the word that well describes the drainage channels with grates. They are resistant to high and low temperatures, so they do not have to be changed every season. Besides, modern channels are resistant to various chemical reactions, which makes them more durable.

Some people think that such channels are less effective in removing water because of the grates. But there’s nothing to worry about, because the grate structure is arranged so that the water is free to fall into the channel. For industrial areas, there are even special drainage channels, which allow to drain much more precipitation. If necessary, the water of the channels can go directly into the local sewage system.

Purchase drainage channels with grates

To make the right choice, it is necessary to take into account as follows: climatic features, the area of territories, plot type, and the catchment surface type. It is also recommended to learn the value of a slope gradient. It is difficult to do it all alone, so it is better to call experts who will conduct the calculations themselves. Taking into account all these parameters, it is simply impossible to be mistaken in making a choice.

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