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Ecoteck Ice Heat. Modular Plastic Protective flooring for Ice Arenas

Ecoteck Ice Heat. Modular Plastic Protective flooring for Ice Arenas
Item numberSize of lock, mmFor one square meterMaximal LoadColor ProductWeight Grid,kg
АС191 612,7 х 302,3 х 57,3 5,39 of the module up to 200 t/sq.m green, black,metallic,blue     2,43

Protective flooring Ecoteck Ice Heat – is plastic flooring to protect an Ice rink during mass events. It protects Ice surface from wear and melting ice.

Ecoteck Ice Heat  flooring consists of two layers and heat insulation material between them that keeps your ice cold and attendees’ feet warm.

The modular design makes it easy to cover any arena and to dismantle the flooring after the event.

The surface of Ecoteck Ice is easy to clean with conventional detergent.

Slip-resistant: tiles provide a stable, slip-free surface to move on.

The material of the main part of the flooring is durable, impact-resistant polypropylene with special additives. It has non-porous structure so doesn’t absorb water and it doesn’t stick to ice, doesn’t deform and it doesn’t exfoliate.

With Ecoteck Ice flooring it is possible to cover an Ice rink measuring 60 by 30 meters in a few hours with the efforts of a team of 5-7 people.

Thanks to the unique innovative technology of closing the seam between the coating modules, the rigid non-slip seamless does not require additional carpet covering.

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