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Doorway drainage (plastic entrance tray)

Tray grid
Tray grid Doorway Drainage

The doorway drainage is a system for the collection of dirt and water installed at the building’s entrance. The tray installation is carried out into the common construction stoop, while the upper part is removable. Thanks to this system, one can completely get rid of excess moisture and dirt at the entrance to the premises. If needed, the tray is connected to the sewerage system or the channels for wastewater.

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The construction features and installation

The plastic doorway drainage is made in the form of a rectangular container with further elements for fixing the grid. The product has a height of 84mm, but due to the high-duty plastic, the weight reaches not more than 4kg. The tray is equipped with special ribs and internal fasteners to install the protective grid. The tray can be connected to the public sewage system to drain dirty water or melted snow. The presence of this element eliminates the formation of puddles indoors, in particular in the passage or at the entrance.

Key features of the plastic entrance tray:

  • high-endurance material;
  • universal application;
  • the ability to connect to the sewerage system;
  • resistant to corrosion and oxidation;
  • doesn’t require frequent maintenance.

The installed doorway drainage requires virtually no additional maintenance. To clear it in full, 2 buckets of water will be enough. All the dirt and residues are washed off by the gravity into the central sewerage system, which simplifies the product operation greatly. The sewerage systems can be installed individually or in combination, and they can be mounted inside premises where cleaning of shoes from excess moisture and dirt is carried out. The trays are universal and suitable for installation in different types of objects, including industrial ones. The installation of products can be carried out only in those places where there is no excessive mechanical stress or a direct effect of car wheels.

Doorway Drainage: selection and purchase

There are a lot of different waste drain trays, which are different in size and type of drain container. The products are selected individually, taking into account the features of operation and places for installation. To choose the right entrance tray, it is important to have the project data of the stoop or other area where the installation will take place. When buying it, it’s recommended to choose a protective grid for the tray that will be required for the integrated mounting of the system and the overall protection of its major elements. In the absence of relevant skills you should call a specialist for the correct selection of the products needed.

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