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Ecoteck STANDART DN 200, C 250

Plastic Channel 200.210 h214
Item numberLoad classOverall dimension
Length, mmWidth, mmHeight, mmWeight, kg
DI 02105000 А-C 1000 253 214 4,1
Set Ecoteck STANDART 200  h214 -plastic,cast iron slotted grating,cl.C250
Item numberLoad classOverall dimension
Length, mmWidth, mmHeight, mmWeight, kg
DI 09105000 А-C 1010 253 216,5 12,07

The application of the surface drainage systems collection of storm and melt water. There exist various modifications and types of plastic channels.

Systems’ classification:

They are classified mainly by the limit loads. STANDART surface drainage systems are divided into the classes as follows: "A" - for the loads of up to 1.5t per sq.m.; "B" for the loads of up to 12.5t per sq.m, and "C" for the loads of up to 25t per sq.m.


Places where such drainage systems are used most often:

  • country houses and cottages, for the arrangement of water runoff from roofs and terraces;
  • land improvement of parks and gardens;
  • to prevent flooding on the sidewalks and bicycle lanes;
  • stadiums;
  • to lower the groundwater level in the schoolyard;
  • additional improvement of garages.

It’s recommended to use STANDART system for the arrangement of the most effective drainage system. Drainage channels and sand traps are interconnected in it. Protection of the foundation and basement is the task this system perfectly copes with. The buildings themselves will be saved from the damaging effects of moisture, and the surrounding area will receive reliable protection from slow waterlogging and rapid flows caused by the rainfall.


The assembly STANDART 100 and 200 includes drainage channels made of durable plastic. The thickness of the wall is designed so that distortion and warpage of the profile is impossible even in adverse conditions. Only environmentally friendly materials are used. Additional protection from loads is provided by a powerful system of ribs. Different operating conditions require different types of channels, that’s why the assortment of products is full of channels with a height from 69mm to 210mm (a total of 5 options).

The grates can be made of plastic (black or metallic), steel, or cast iron. The channel’s end cap comes in the assembly.

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