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Portable Floor Tiles by Ecoteck

Street events, outdoor exhibitions and fairs are gaining popularity from year to year in many countries.

One of the organizers' problems is to find a suitable ground covering to meet all the necessary requirements in any weather conditions.

If you are planning small events for up to 100 people or mass celebrations for thousands of visitors, a durable and lightweight temporary floor is the perfect alternative to costly staging or carpets.

The organizers of the ‘Field Day 2019’ exhibition and forum in Pushkin, Leningrad Region, took advantage of our offer and installed Ecoteck portable floors to create open-air temporary ground coverings and pedestrian walking paths.

Quick and easy installation оf Ecoteck outdoor floor tiles on the festival main stage and walkways allowed the guests to walk and take part in the demonstration program of new tractors and other units.

Dismantling the flooring is also simple and does not require special tools. At the end of the event, you can completely not disassemble the coating segments, but storage them connected in 2-by-2 or 3-by-3-feet segments for future use. Installation for the next event will be even faster.

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