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Tray grid

Steel tray grid (390*590)
Item numberLoad classOverall dimension
Length, mmWidth, mmHeight, mmWeight, kg
П9РШ0001 А 590 390 20 4,81
Plastic Grid For Tray
Item numberLoad classOverall dimension
Length, mmWidth, mmHeight, mmWeight, kg
DI 03005000 А 389,6 294,5 20 0,66

The grids for entrance tray can be made of steel and plastic. They are intended for shoe scrubbing upon the entry into the building: entrap snow, dirt, water before entering shopping centers, offices and individual house buildings. The grids are perfectly suitable for ТМ Ecoteck entrance plastic tray. Grids are easily removable and placeable into the tray. A vitally important advantage of ТМ Ecoteck grids is its resistance to temperature drops, anticorrosion properties. Tray grids are safe, noise-free upon operation.

The grids can be used without a tray as well. In this case it is necessary to make a hole in the ground of appropriate size, so-called drainage pit.

Steel tray grid

ТМ Ecoteck offers steel grids with load parameters of A class (up to 1.5 tons). The dimensions of steel grid are universal and suit for its placing in the tray before the entry into building – 60cm х40cm. The weight of grid is 2.3 kg, which allows for easy grid removal during operation using the efforts of one person, the one should perform its cleaning out and put the grid in the place.

Plastic tray grid

ТМ Ecoteck introduces plastic grids for entrance trays, of size 30cm х40cm. Despite its light weight (weight 1400 g), plastic grid is able to sustain load up to 1500 kg.

Tray grids are your mudguard in all seasons of the year. In rainy and sloppy weather they provide flooring protection of the building from unnecessary moisture and sand. By placing grids in the trays before doors and interdoor entrance halls you will reduce by half the efforts required for building cleanup.

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