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Reseeding lawn

If your lovely lawn after winter weather lost aesthetic - Spring is the perfect time to put in order up and sow a new lawn. Because it is in the middle of Spring that the lawn is completely free of snow cover.

Ideally, you can sow new grass in a special grass grid, which will subsequently strengthen the soil of the new lawn and keep it in excellent condition even after winter. In any case, regular seeding process thickens the lawn, renews it and fills in bare soil.

First, you need to purchase a grass seed mix. Then prepare the soil: remove stones, leaves, old grass, level uneven areas of the ground. After that, you can begin to evenly distribute the seeds.

It is recommended spreading the seeds at a rate of about 50 g per square meter, or following the instructions in the package. After reseeing, be sure to lightly rake the area and then water thoroughly.

To prevent them from being blown up by the wind, it is recommended to cover the soil with spunbond or netting.


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