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Modular sports surfacing & flooring

Ecoteck Ice Cover. Modular Plastic Protective Ice Cover
Item numberSize of lock, mmFor one square meterMaximal LoadColor ProductWeight Grid,kg
АС011 628,3 х 157,4 х 24 10,32 of the module more 160 t/sq.m green, black     0,59
Ecoteck Arena. Modular Plastic Protective Cover for Natural Grass Lawn
Item numberSize of lock, mmFor one square meterMaximal LoadColor ProductWeight Grid,kg
АС157 916 х 226 х 35,3 4,88 of the module more 160 t/sq.m green, black,metallic     1,98
Ecoteck Ice Heat. Modular Plastic Protective Cover for Ice Arenas
Item numberSize of lock, mmFor one square meterMaximal LoadColor ProductWeight Grid,kg
АС191 616 х 311,7 х 34,7 5,2 of the module more 190 t/sq.m green, black,metallic,blue     3,4
Ecoteck Sport. Modular Plastic Sports Surfacing
Item numberSize of lock, mmFor one square meterMaximal LoadColor ProductWeight Grid,kg
АС168 305 х 305 х 16 10,75 of the module more 73 t/sq.m green, black,blue,red,brown     0,3
Protective Flooring for Synthetic Grass
Item numberSize of lock, mmFor one square meterMaximal LoadColor ProductWeight Grid,kg
АС187 322 х 117 х 18 26,32 of the module more 39 t/sq.m green, black,blue,red,brown     0,3

In order to minimize injuries, prevent overfatigue and in order to be 100% satisfied with one or other sports activities, the surface shall comply with certain requirements. Elasticity, comfort and rigidness are main features of sports surfacing for different sport activities: volleyball and basketball, football, ball hockey or golf, table and court tennis, aerobics or shaping, weight-lifting or track and field. Sports surfacing shall not only be long-lasting, durable, easy cleanable, but it shall be rigid, safe and at the same time it shall ensure proper efficiency and comfort for all sportsmen. Besides it shall be consistent with hygiene and fire safety requirements.

Sports surfacing buy from Ecoteck

ТМ Ecoteck offers a wide assortment of sports surfacing for covered and open sports grounds to be compatible with all current requirements specified for sports floor covering. Such requirements include blast weakening, injury prevention, optimal ball bounce, minimal slip level of players’ shoes, long - lasting performance, easy handling and laying. We are able to offer our customers multi-purpose surfaces for amateur sports training and highly professional surfaces having certificates of international sports federations and being applicable at the cross-national level competitions.

Modular sports surfaces Ecoteck Ice Cover and Ecoteck Ice Heat

These modular sports surfaces are perfectly suitable for ice rinks and have a number of advantages:

Advantages of this surface type:

  • Maintain required level of ice rink temperature, which prevents ice from melting
  • Ice damage protection
  • Water-repellant, it is not sticky
  • Wear-proof
  • Easy mounting and dismounting

Sports surface Ecoteck Arena

It provides an excellent protection of grass lawns, football fields, golf courses during mass events. It suits for the construction of pedestrian paths, wrapping of artificial grass, asphalt, ground, concrete, different synthetic coatings. It is characterized by the following advantages:

  • Lawn damage protection
  • All weather resistant
  • Used in any climate
  • Indestructible under UV-radiation
  • Easy mounting and dismounting

Modular surface Ecoteck Sport

This surface has the same advantages as Ecoteck Arena surface. Moreover, Ecoteck Sport can be mounted both outdoors and indoors. The sports surface can be bought for its application as sports surface for tennis courts, fitness-clubs, fitness gyms and stadiums.

Buy modular sports surfaces - safety and requirements

Quite severe requirements are specified for surfaces intended for open grounds. Besides its playing properties the surfaces shall be characterized by excellent resistance to different weather conditions, it shall not burn out or destruct under UV-light exposure, it shall have high level of water permeability. If it is a special-purpose surface used for competitions and trainings of high-level, then it shall have strictly standardized and constant playing specifications necessary to achieve top results in exactly select kind of sport. As an example, a surface intended for professional tennis competitions is distinguished by special dorsal layer surface pattern which ensures required friction properties during balls’ bounce and sportsmen movement, and especial laminar surface structure adds an adequate damping and blast resilience thereto.

Our modular sports surfaces are non-toxic, safe and ecologically clean, therefore you can buy a sports surface not hesitating in its quality!

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