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Manhole covers

Manhole cover 315
Items NumberLoad ClassColorDimensions
Diametr, mmHeight, mmWeight, kg
ДИ006 А black 315 56 1,9

Sewer manholes are essential components located on every street. They block an access to communication wells so that neither occasional passers-by nor wheels of driving cars could get therein. They make the streets much safer, that’s why they are the things we cannot do without.

Types of manhole covers

Manhole covers are commonly produced from cast iron, although the trend towards plastic manhole coverss manufacture has been observed recently. In fact there are also the people who would like to embezzle and sell such material as cast iron. This cannot happen with plastic covers, moreover, manhole covers made of plastic are able to withstand considerable loads.

Guidelines on cover selection

The exact place of manhole installation shall be determined in order to make a right decision. It helps to understand which class of mechanical load shall worth a special attention. It is necessary to take a closer look on to the marking as well since absolutely different manhole will be required for sewage systems and fire hydrants. 

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