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The main intermediate component between the central sewerage system and storm sewer drain is a sand trap. This system element allows to minimize the possibility of its clogging with debris, mud or sand. The traps look like containers with various configurations made of different materials.

Plastic sand traps: configuration features

The drainage system has a sand trap installed using the lateral coupling joints. There are compounds on sale that are designed for pipes of different diameters; there are also compounds for plastic channels of different height. In addition, the sand traps are equipped with special grids made of cast iron or plastics of different load classes. The grids are selected depending on the parameters of a specific drainage system, the place of its installation and operational details.

Our sand traps are available in several versions:

1. 100 h419.

  • is equipped with a plastic grid Volna (load class A);
  • is equipped with a slotted cast-iron grate (load class С).

2. 100 h435.

  • is equipped with a grid of reinforced composite plastic MEDIUM (load class B).

3. 100 h415.

  • is equipped with a slotted cast-iron grid and boards with hooks (load class Е).

The Ecoteck sand traps are equipped with a grid depending on the features of the drainage system, installation point and operation. There also provided for lateral coupling jonts in them with pipes Ø50, Ø110 and Ø160 and joints with plastic channels type 100 of height 65, 125, 175.

Sand trap’s mode of operation

The principle of operation is quite clear: plastic sand traps takes the flows of stormwater along with dirt, debris and sand into it. Then everything heavier than water deposits at the bottom of this peculiar structure. Besides, leaves, twigs and larger debris are also retained in special slots. The water filtered in such a way flows into the central sewerage along the outputs designed at a higher level in the container.

Production materials

The sand traps are made of cast iron, concrete, polymer concrete, but we recommend buying a plastic sand trap. Polypropylene (plastic) equipment boats its absolute lightness, ease of installation, flexibility and reliability, which cannot be said about the above-mentioned materials.

Application peculiarities

It is really necessary to buy such a drainage link as a sand trap, if it is important to ensure the normal sewage operation. Its usage does not require any specialized care, but it allows to avoid dirt jams and mud clogging of the drainage system. One has only to control the sediment level and clean the container when necessary.

Purchase a sand trap at Ecoteck

You can buy a relatively cheap sand trap on our website, as well as accessories for it for the drainage systems of any configurations from the domestic brand ''Ecoteck.'' All the Ecoteck branded products are issued with certificates of conformity.

Installing the Ecoteck sand trap, you can increase the period of uninterrupted and efficient operation of sewage substantially, as well as save on carrying out its maintenance and repair work.

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