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Plastic drainage channels. Ecoteck MEDIUM Series

Plastic Channel MEDIUM 100.175 h195
Item numberLoad classOverall dimension
Length, mmWidth, mmHeight, mmWeight, kg
ДИ04105 А-Е 1000 153 195 3,1

Plastic Channel MEDIUM 100.125 h145
Item numberLoad classOverall dimension
Length, mmWidth, mmHeight, mmWeight, kg
ДИ05405 А-Е 1000 153 145 1,9

Plastic Channel MEDIUM 100.95 h115
Item numberLoad classOverall dimension
Length, mmWidth, mmHeight, mmWeight, kg
ДИ04905 А-Е 1000 153 115 1,8

Plastic Channel MEDIUM 100.65 h85
Item numberLoad classOverall dimension
Length, mmWidth, mmHeight, mmWeight, kg
ДИ12005 А-Е 1000 153 85 1,6

Plastic channels of MEDIUM Series

These channels are completed with grates of composite plastic reinforced with carbon fiber, the maximum load of up to 12.5 tons per 1 square meter (load class B). The channel is resistant to high loads.

For the water drains used on a flat surface it’s necessary to use plastic channels of this series, but of different heights. In other words, it is required to select a cascade system that will be the most effective.

The channel MEDIUM 100.65h85 is relevant due to its small depth, when installing in any areas where large-sized channels don’t suit. For example, in the areas with hard and stony ground, as well as underground and multi-level parking.

The channels MEDIUM 100 are completed with end caps in accordance with their height.

Drainage channels in the water drainage systems

Drainage system is a must-have for many objects. Drainage systems are required to be mounted in the construction of private houses, office buildings, industrial buildings, car parking, squares, parks and so on.

Wherever concrete, paving stone and similar materials are used, the disposal of wastewater is required. The matter is that precipitation, when falling under the paving stones or building’s foundation, destroy them. In the cold weather, water freezes, expands and deforms the surface. Therefore it’s necessary to prevent water-ingress related damage for any construction materials. Typically, when buying a drain channel, most of the problems get solved and thereby damage is prevented.

That’s why the mounting of water drainage systems is performed.

Purchase a drainage channel - description

Plastic drainage channels are designed for the collection of liquid and its disposal from the buildings. As a rule, they are placed near the curbs or the blind area.

At that, plastic drainage channels are the best suited for the purpose of wastewater drainage. The drainage channels can be bought of various sizes. This also reduces time spent on the formation of a drainage system.

Plastic drainage channels - advantages

Plastic drainage channels have certain advantages:

  • a variety of shapes and sizes allows you to get the job done as soon as possible. Especially because plastic products initially are completely ready for operation. They don’t need to be further processed;
  • the manufacture based on composite materials gives the product great durability. They are able to withstand high loads and mechanical stress without damage;
  • polymer structure makes them impervious to reactive chemicals. Such channels retain their working capacity, even in aggressive environments. No rust, bacterial colonies, etc. appear on them;
  • they are seamless monolithic products. Therefore, unlike the concrete counterparts, they can’t crack or get such kind of damage;
  • such products do not require maintenance or extra protection. The phrase  "installed and forgotten" is exactly about plastic drainage channels.
  • the products retain their useful properties at the temperature values ??of -50 to +120 degrees.
Thus, when you buy a drain channel, you solve a problem of wastewater drainage once and for the decades to come. They will make the system more efficient, simple and robust.
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